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The Cosmic "son of God"

“What good is it to me if the son of God was born to Mary 1400 years ago, if it is not born in my person, in my time and in my culture?” Meistersinger Eckhart, a thirteenth Century teacher and priest, asked over seven hundred years ago. Not only is the question still relevant, so are the follow up questions, “Who or what is the son of God?” “How do I (we) birth the ‘son of God’ in my (our) person, in this time and in this culture?”

I am convinced that the “son of God” is, in fact a cosmic principle that lives within all of creation that Mystics of all religions have recognized this essential essence of life and have attempted to give birth to it by bringing the idea of it into conscious awareness. Matthew Fox wrote about an ancient but forgotten doctrine “the Cosmic Christ, the pattern that connects all the atoms and galaxies of the universe, a pattern of divine love and justice that all creatures and all humans bear within them. Ecumenical councils of the fourth and fifth centuries declared that Jesus Christ was both God and human; what is needed if there is to be a twenty-first century for Mother Earth and her children is a spiritual vision that prays, celebrates, and lives out the reality of the Cosmic Christ who lives and breathes in Jesus and in all God’s children, in all the prophets of religions everywhere, in all creatures of the universe.”

Well, here we are in the twenty-first century and celebrating Christmas again. I believe that it is the time to birth the cosmic Christ in each one of us and by so doing to birth it also into our time and culture. Like any birth, there will be birth pains and labor involved. Rumi wrote: “If you wish your heart to be bright, you must do da little work… If metal can be polished to a mirror-like finish what polishing does the mirror of the heart require?”

We are all pregnant with this “cosmic Christ Child” and together we can be the midwives, birth mothers and the conscious realization of this divine principle. The time is past for only one person (Jesus) Ora few people (Mystics of all the world) to be aware of the “pattern that connects.” It is now time for all of us to acknowledge and experience the sacredness of all life, with this understanding comes a reverence for the sacred creation. And a shift in the way that we interact with each other and all the world.

Come and polish the metal of your inner being with us at any of our services and birth the Cosmic Christ into consciousness in your person, in your time and in your culture. Mother Earth and all of creation needs you.

From my heart to yours, Rev. Kris

December 2, 2017

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